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Terminus - The Last Word in Terminology Databases

Terminus is a multilingual terminology management system, designed by interpreters for interpreters.

Key Features

  • Fast Search: That word is on the tip of your tongue? Search any or all languages and find it under 1 second.
  • Easy import: Import from Excel or text format.
  • Classify your data into different glossary, company or subject groups.
  • Reporting: Clear, legible terminology reports.
  • Easy export: Export to Excel, RTF or text format.


Download and test Terminus 3.1 now.

The unregistered version is fully functional, the only limitation being the number of terms that you may add to the termbase.
All the terminology entered into the termbase is preserved upon registration.

Terminus Manual

The Terminus manual and getting started guide is available as part of the normal download package or alternatively you may download a copy here.

Download Full Version

The current Terminus release is 3.1 (build 13089 - March 30th, 2009). This download includes all required run-time libraries.

Download Terminus 3.1 for Windows 7/8/10, Windows XP SP2 or later [57 MB]
This version includes the Access 2007 run-time libraries.

Download Terminus 3.1 for Windows 2000 SP4 [35 MB]
This version includes the Access 2003 run-time libraries.

Fast Download

If you already have all of the required run-time libraries then you can download a much smaller installer.

Download Terminus 3.1 for Windows XP SP2 or later [1 MB]
Requires Access 2007 run-time.

Download Terminus 3.1 for Windows 2000 SP4 [1 MB]
Requires Access 2003 run-time.


A single user licence costs CHF 148 plus VAT if you are located in Switzerland. 50% rebate for academia.
Upgrade from any previous version for CHF 74 plus VAT. Minor version upgrades are free.
Please contact us for multi-user or site licence details.

A new registration key is required if you are upgrading from a previous version.


Please contact us with suggestions, features you would like to see in Terminus, for a registration key or support.

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